Trace Mineral Deficiency Causes Growth Retardation

One out of ten children is born prematurely with well known and documented trace mineral deficiencies as a result. Thousands more suddenly stop thriving for what looks like unexplained reasons, and desperate parents beg for help. Caring physicians document the changes, and wait with dread to see if "something changes" as milestones are missed, developmental delays begin, and the "special needs treadmill" becomes the new normal.

When these things begin, the current medical advice is usually to "go home, and wait" - wait for children to either "self-correct" these nutritional deficiencies (usually somewhere between one and two years of age when they start eating "real food") or even spend hours in early intervention therapies just so a parent can feel like they are actually *doing* something.

If you don't want to wait and possibly risk your child's life, you can follow some simple, common sense guidelines, and watch your premature, failure to thrive, developmentally delayed child "catch up" in a matter of months - or take your chances of permanent disability or death. This is an emerging intervention, and parents will need to educate themselves about the risks and potential benefits they face.

Unfortunately, this won't work for every child - this intervention will not repair birth defects or chromosomal abnormalities - but currently four out of five children see improvement.

We don't sell anything on this website, and have no financial relationship with any of the manufacturers of the products we are going to talk about. Our goal is to raise awareness of these issues so parents can make the best possible choices for their children. We encourage you to talk with your health care providers about this information, and use reasonable common sense.

Good luck!