The Preemie Growth Project

Sharing Vital Information About Nutritional Issues for Premature Babies & Special Needs Children

Crucial Case #6 (Maternal Deficiency via Prematurity)

  1. 6 year old, Full Term Boy (Mom Preemie)

This purpose of this testimonial is to explain my overall experience with this micronutrient supplement (PDCM72+) trace minerals product, used on my son, who has mild cerebral palsy and apraxia of speech.  We started this supplement back in the summer of 2012, when my son was six years old.

I will start with a bit of related history, on myself and my son. I was a premature baby, therefore, we concluded I did not have the trace minerals in my body to transfer to my son, thus, we both were deficient in this mineral.  I did have some complication very late in my pregnancy, and I had a caesarian birth.  I had symptoms of preeclampsia at thirty-five weeks gestation, however, my son was born full term, and he came home after delivery, with no reported complications.  At eight months old my son started to show signs of developmental delays, when he was then diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy.  We immediately started full treatment and therapy of speech, occupation, and physical therapy.

My son still uses this supplement today, given the need for it, as he grows.  I do want to say it was such a pleasure to have met Mrs. Ida Briggs at this physical therapy place (Europeds) back in the summer of 2012, where she introduce us to this supplement.  We were there for physical therapy when she came in, reeling about her neighbor’s daughter, and the improvements of the girl, after taking this supplement.  I must say I was surprised and skeptical, given the fact that such success in cerebral palsy patients were unheard of.  Okay I said, “I will try a bottle”.

I started to see changes in my son after three weeks of him taking this supplement.  I was amazed by the changes and I still continued to see changes as he grows.  In summary, the changes were mainly in his muscles, total body energy, and also cognitively.  The increased flow of energy, improved strength, and stamina in his body transpired into increased mobility.  His body started to get stronger, he started to walk faster, and he was less spastic, more flexible, and more agile.  Of course, his food and drink intake increased.  His fine motor skills improved significantly, the fine muscles in his fingers and hands looked like they grew, hence much better hand dexterity.  His wrists were stronger, he stopped dropping thing on the floor, and he played more with his toys.  He was using utensils much better than before.  I saw muscle growth in his neck, shoulders, and back. In addition, the fine muscles in his foot and ankles started to show signs of strength, like never before, with better balance during walks.  There were significant improvements in muscle spasticity in his body and limbs (arms and legs).  You can imagine my excitement as I started to see these changes.

As the months go by, we saw more changes in cognition and sensory processing disorder. More importantly we saw body awareness and communication improvements. Specifically, he started to leave his bedroom as he feels like it, more independence, which he never did before.  In the past, he moved only when he was prompted or encouraged to do so, due to pain, and now he was getting into trouble, so to speak, exploring, a positive change for us.  In communication, his few sign language started to improve, his gestures became clearer, he started to verbalize more sounds and words.  In the sensory area the usual auditory sounds that would normally affect him suddenly disappeared.  The need to touch more items, and play with new textures, improved significantly.   I cannot stress enough how this supplement has helped with my son’s learning.

Now before I continue, I do want to say we still continue to receive therapy, and we still believe orthopedic surgery may be necessary for some patients. In fact, my son had his first orthopedic surgery in his legs, this last month, on September 17, 2014.  We are excited to report the surgery was a success and he is mobile again, a very fast recovery.  I think that his strong body he has gained due to this supplement, and the reduced spasticity, had reduced the need for more invasive surgery, and prepared him better for his recovery.  Hence stronger muscles, resulted in faster recovery time.  However, I thing the earlier in life the child receives this supplement, the faster they will improve.

This supplement showed increased energy, leading to the need for increased food and drink, leading to more oxygenation in the muscles, leading to more growth in the muscles, leading to increased mobility and learning.  In other words, a much needed mineral for the body.  Again, obviously for cerebral palsy patient, the amazing benefits of this supplement, is the reduce spasticity and pain in the body. Cognitively, I saw improvements in learning and in the sensory processing disorder area, as I mentioned before.  Although, my son was mobile before, he was not very active, he had very lower energy, and pain due to muscles spasticity, which limited his learning abilities.   Now, with the supplement he is more flexible, less spastic, and more energized.  The changes in muscle growth in his neck, shoulders, and legs continues today.   You cannot imagine how proud my family is, to see our son open a normal door knob, and turn the light switch off in the bathroom, a milestone I never thought he would reach.  With sincere thanks to Mrs. Briggs for introducing this supplement into our lives.  Again, you can find more time specific detail changes in the preemie growth project reports.