The Preemie Growth Project

Sharing Vital Information About Nutritional Issues for Premature Babies & Special Needs Children

About Us

FROM IDA BRIGGS, Founder & Executive Director

The Preemie Growth Project was started in October of 2009 as a Michigan non-profit corporation to encourage the medical community to study the benefits of non-prescription nutritional supplements (specifically, TRACE MINERALS) on the growth and development of premature infants. I had shared the story of my own premature twins with over fifty different medical professionals and associated organizations and while people were happy, the diagnosis of “lucky” was driving my Inner Computer Geek CRAZY.

“You only have an N of 2” was what I kept getting told, and this was used as an excuse to ignore the anecdotal evidence that early supplementation of premature babies would quickly help them achieve growth and developmental milestones as if they were full term. Fine! If all that was necessary was to demonstrate this worked on other babies, and then the doctors would share the information with other parents, that is what I would do.

For those who know the story, it is now 2015 and HUNDREDS of children have seen benefit from the protocol I have been advocating. Family, friends and an ever widening circle of professional aquaintences have helped create a paradigm changing understanding of the problems of micronutrient deficiency on not only premature babies, but also an astounding number of children who have ended up classified “special needs” because of their correctable nutritional deficiences.

The Preemie Growth Project has been financed from contributions of family, friends and a few generous organizations. Expenses have been kept as minimal as possible (mainly because anything uncovered was coming out of my own family’s household budget), and any fundraising usually involved begging for help to cover expenses on things where groveling couldn’t get us free stuff. This has been a labor of love, or as my husband calls it, “Ida’s Very Expensive Hobby!”

The goal to “Save the Babies” grew bigger once the connection to Cerebral Palsy and Other Neuromuscular Issues was made (yes, I said it – these deficiences are being MIS-DIAGNOSED as hypotonia, cerebral palsy and sensory issues), and the information has been shared with researchers at top universities, hospitals, NIH and even public health departments. It will be decades before the theories are investigated fully, argued about in peer reviewed studies, and accepted as scientific fact. In the meantime, the role of “public advocate on behalf of premature babies and special needs children” has become one I have gradually accepted. My dream of helping children worldwide while lowering infant mortality and eliminating cerebral palsy is slowly coming true, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of so many children’s stories.

It is six years later. There are no advertisements on our web page, we don’t take a “cut” if you decide to buy the trace minerals we tell you about, and I have learned to grit my teeth when someone politely suggests I charge parents for the information they need to keep their children out of wheelchairs. This is NOT a business – it is a calling.

If you found this webpage, someone you love needs this information. Take the information and use it to help them.

The group was started as a parent initiative; decent people help each other, and all we ask is that you share the information with the ones you find who need it.

But if you want to help out financially, you can visit – we are still a ways out from covering the expenses of attendance at a recent publicity summit that is helping to raise awareness about this effort, and anything you can give would be much appreciated.

See? I am learning to ask for help! Lol!

The reward for a job well done is more work; there is so much more work to be done. Your support is appreciated.

Thank you for looking at this page. It is good to know someone else cares.

Ida M. Briggs
Preemie Growth Project
Executive Director & Founder
aka “Stubborn Mommy”